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Using centuries-old methods, these hammocks are handmade by Mayan women in the Yucatan of Mexico. Our artisan partners are primarily women who weave hammocks in their spare time from home. This allows them to supplement their family income whilst continuing to care for their children.

When you purchase a Mayan-made hammock, you are contributing directly to family income, supporting the self-sufficiency of the women and the development of the whole community.


Material: Nylon


Size: approx Length 157 inches x width 108 inches.


Use and Care:

Handwash: Fill a big tub with cool water and add a small amount of mild detergent. Do not put so much detergent that it foams and bubbles. Use a soft bristle brush or use your hands to wash it and scrub away the dirt on your hammock. Empty the water from the tub and then refill with fresh water to rinse off the excess soap. Repeat until soap has been removed. Hang to dry.

Handcrafted Mexican Nylon Hammock/Wall Hanging - Natural

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